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Hello! I am Lori Michel of LoLyn Designs Jewelry.  

Hammering, sawing, filing, soldering and eventually a piece emerges that shines and sparkles and makes me smile. I love that all the messy work ends in a piece that is beautiful and can be enjoyed. I guess it's kind of like life!

Silver is my primary metal of choice, with occasional peeks of gold or copper added.  I really like to use texture; the possibilities are endless for creating different textures.  When it comes to setting stones, deciding how to showcase them is exciting, some stones are unique, others may be considered ordinary but, in my eyes, each has its own beauty.

I enjoy learning different techniques and incorporating them into my custom designed pieces.  The challenge and excitement of seeing a piece go from a thought to a piece of jewelry that some can enjoy keeps me working hard.

Please take a moment to browse through the earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces that I have on the site.  I occasionally do custom work as well, please contact me via email, text, or DM on Instagram, and I will communicate my custom work policies.

Thank you so much and I appreciate all of your support!



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